Bon Jour Blogging Community

Hello blogging community! Tis’ I, Tiffany Gonzalez of The Fashion Bible and I’m back!


After a year long hiatus, I seriously could not take it anymore and had to come back to the blogging community. With a new site and design I’m ready to conquer this bad boy.

For those of you who don’t know me or didn’t follow my old blog, you can find out what I’m all about here:


Starting today, you can expect posts about everything from trends to what I’m loving to fashion show recaps and tutorials! I would also like to send a special THANK YOU to my sister and friend, Lily, who along with her fabulous company LD Creative, designed my blog. I would’ve been lost without them!

I can only hope that my blog will inspire you and your love for fashion as so many blogs have done for me.


 P.S. Make sure you follow and subscribe pretty please with a cherry on top !

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