NFL and CoverGirl partner up for “Fanicures” !

Attention both football and nail junkies alike! CoverGirl has teamed up with the NFL to launch an oh so fabulous line of polishes and nail art looks inspired by all 32 NFL teams called “Fanicures”! Now every female fan will have a unique way to showcase their team spirit and pride on their nails!


With the 32 CoverGirl NFL bundles we can wear our heart on our hands and show just how much we love our team. Each bundle features colors from the team. They go on sale Sept.5th and until then you can preview the looks on the CoverGirl Facebook page!

I am ever excited about this being as I love both football and fun nails! Oh and it gets better!  CoverGirl fans also will have the opportunity to experience “fanicures” in action at select home games — inside the stadium at NFL Style Lounges and outside the stadium via COVERGIRL mobile manicure stations. Fans also will receive instant-replay-worthy inspiration and get-the-look tutorials on a COVERGIRL NFL nail board on Pinterest. Finally, COVERGIRL will encourage fans with a competitive streak to upload their own team-inspired nail looks, going finger-to-finger with rival femmes to rally around their teams via sharing and liking their fellow team posts.

The NFL Style Lounges inside the stadiums will offer complimentary “fanicures”  featuring nail art with the home team’s colors! Fans visit the lounge will get to shop the newest fan gear made for women and have the opportunity to consult with a professional stylist, listen to music performed by the on site DJ and take fun photos to show off their team spirit in a team-themed photo booth!  The lounges will be at the following games: Atlanta Falcons (9/29), Chicago Bears (10/6), Houston Texans (10/13), Jacksonville Jaguars (10/20), Philadelphia Eagles (10/27),  Dallas Cowboys (11/3), New York Giants (11/10), Denver Broncos (11/17), Arizona Cardinals (11/24), and Tennessee Titans (12/15).


On top of the awesome lounges, CoverGirl will be tailgating with their own activities called #nailgating. Outside NFL stadiums there wil be mobile manicure stations on board a CoverGirl bus that will give female fans a chance to rock their own fanicure for the home or away team! This will happen at the following games : Cincinnati Bengals (9/16), Dallas Cowboys (9/22), New York Giants (10/6), Chicago Bears (10/10), Minnesota Vikings (10/27), New England Patriots (11/3) and Baltimore Ravens (11/10).

“This unique collaboration will bring new meaning to wearing your team’s colors,” said Rhiannon Madden, the NFL’s Director of Apparel. “We are thrilled to be teaming up with COVERGIRL to celebrate our female fans with another innovative way to combine their passions for football and style.”

If CoverGirl won’t be coming to a stadium near you, you can purchase the bundles starting at $5.49 online or in stores! Make sure to get your hands on these and showcase your team spirit for the upcoming season! I know I can’t wait to go get my Dolphins inspired mani!

What team will you be rocking?


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