Trend Alert: Fall Nail Colors

Sweet summer has come to a close and the smell of  Fall and sweet Pumpkin Spice Lattes is upon us. Along with upgrading our wardrobes, we also need to give our manis an upgrade as well. It’s time to switch from the neon hues of summer for the richer, darker pigments of fall. I’ve rounded up the top must have colors for this season! Moody Hues: While black is a fall staple, there are new alternatives to this moody hue on the scene as of late. One of the newest colors is Oxblood. I love this moody take on the classic red. Pair it with an almond shaped nail to elongate your hands. The next must have colors for fall in this category are Midnight Blue and Amethyst (also my birthstone, cough amazing cough). We also have Mossy Green and Emerald Green. photo Pop Of Color: Next up on the scene are the electric hues of pinks, oranges and purples to add a pop of color to our darker fall wardrobe. It’s the perfect fall pick me up! Poppy, Fiery Orange, Chartreuse, Colbat blue and Ultra Violet rein supreme in this category! photo 1 Metallic Supreme: It’s time to think outside the typical gold, silver and bronze metallics colors and expand our thinking when it comes to metallic polish. Shade shifters are a must try for this trend. They go from silver to lavender to blue all with the swift movement of the hand. Next we have your typical gold and silver metallics, as well as the bronze and even purple metallic! photo 2 It’s Glitter Mania: I love me some glitter in a mani! This season we have everything from matte glitters, to opaque micro shimmers. photo 1 Matte About Manis: The runways were full of this matter nail look. It’s a modern twist on your favorite colors. It’s also a little badass compared to your typical glossy look. You can even just buy a matte top coat to make any color look matte! photo 2 The Classic Neutrals: Lastly we have this classic fall staple. Clean, skin- flattering neutrals. Both warm and cool neutrals are in this season! You can spice it up with adding a half moon in another color as well. photo 3 Now go and mani away! xoxx


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