Fall’s 10 Hottest Must Have Bags

No matter what type of bag your looking for to carry around 9-5 or show off on the weekend, this season’s must-have bags are sure to please you. With a variety of textures, silhouettes, rich colors and jewels you can’t go wrong with whichever you choose!

1. Jeweled Box Clutch: Perfect statement piece to spruce up an evening outfit. Bold, yet sophisticated.


Splurge: Jason Wu $1536


Save: ZARA $120

2. The Pouch: Slouchy, casual day time chic!


Splurge: Burberry (Price upon request)


Save: American Apparel $56

3. The Envelope Clutch: This structured bag is a classic look you can’t go wrong with no matter day or night.


Splurge: DVF $225 


Save: ZARA $20

4. The Bucket Bag: An alternative to the backpack style, roomy yet stylish.


Splurge: Jérôme Dreyfuss Alain $1900


Save: ZARA $80

5. The Satchel: A modern day briefcase. Perfect for the professional side of you.


Splurge: MIU MIU $1450


Save: Forever 21 $30

6. Duffel: The same family as the satchel, but sportier. Yet it’s still sophisticated and structured.


Splurge: Alexander McQueen $2287


Save: Agaci $37.50

7. Elongated Frame Bag: This is a new take on a classic bag. It’s ladylike and classy without a doubt.


Splurge: Ralph Lauren $3950


Save: MK $250

8. Structured Tote: This bag is always ideal for work with plenty of room for notes and a laptop. Its shape is comfortable yet classic for the 9-5 run around.


Splurge: Sophia Hulme $935


Save: Forever 21 $32.80

9. The Shopper: Stylish, spacious and chic! You can fit everything you need in these bags.


Splurge: Moreau Bregançon $3100


Save: Love Culture $33.95

10. Animal Print: If you’re looking to make a statement this fall, this bag is for you. Loud, yet stylish!


Splurge: Micheal Kors $2000


Save: Dooney & Burke $139

Which is your favorite fall bag?


4 thoughts on “Fall’s 10 Hottest Must Have Bags

  1. Hey Tiffany, your post is really filled with great designer handbags, and I’m sure I’m gonna buy all of them slowly. Save: Dooney & Burke, Splurge: Alexander McQueen and Save: ZARA designs are making me fall in love. Thanks for sharing a great designer post with us. You’ve given me a great inspiration to make some changes in my closet for the handbag.

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