Over the weekend my team and I worked a beer festival in Brickell called BRICKTOBERFEST. We took over all of its social media and handled the press for the day. As exhausting as it was, it was such a fun event to be a part of. I just wanted to share some photos from the event with you all as well as my outfit/makeup for the day!


photo 1

WU-TANG Top : Forever 21, Cheetah Shorts : Target, Necklace : TJ Maxx, Booties :Report, Glasses : Vintage Ray-Bans 

photo 2

photo 4 copy photo 3 copy photo 5

Bricktoberfest 2013-1 Bricktoberfest 2013-10

Bricktoberfest 2013-35 Bricktoberfest 2013-77 Bricktoberfest 2013-84 Bricktoberfest 2013-112 Bricktoberfest 2013-137 Bricktoberfest 2013-160 Bricktoberfest 2013-193 Bricktoberfest 2013-196 Bricktoberfest 2013-105 Bricktoberfest 2013-23Bricktoberfest 2013-33

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