Halloween Series: Miley Cyrus DIY Costume & Makeup Tutorial

It’s one of my favorite times of the year again…HALLOWEEN! Oh the pumpkin carving, candy comas and costumes. In honor of this holiday, I partnered up with the beautiful beauty vlogger, Jenn Linares of JUICCYJENNY Vlog, http://www.youtube.com/user/juiccyjenny?feature=watch , to bring to you a few DIY costumes with matching make-up tutorials! These ideas are all super cute, easy to do and wallet friendly.The first in the series is the ever crazy Miley Cyrus. I put together two looks that you can choose from to DIY your costume. The first DIY is the Wrecking Ball video. You can pair the tank with either white shorts or if you’re feeling daring, tiny white boy short undies. The second look is from the We Can’t Stop video. Grab your sunnies and bear backpack and you got the look down packed.This costume isn’t complete without hair and make-up. To achieve the hair-do, separate your hair down the middle into two equal parts. Brush the hair up and make a tight top knot on one side and secure with elastic an bobby pins. Repeat on the other side and you’re good to go. You’re look isn’t complete without make-up though! Get Miley’s flawless skin and red lips with Jenn’s make-up tutorial below!
We Can't Stop DIY Costume
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Till the next one! xoxx

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