6 Tips to Sleep In For 10 Extra Minutes

If you’re anything like me, you hit the snooze button 10 times before you manage to drag yourself out of bed, only to realize now you have 30 minutes to pull yourself together, eat breakfast and get out the door before you’re late to work for the 100th time. I will do anything to allow myself to sleep in most mornings and it’s time I share my favorite tips with you. This is the lazy girls’ bible.


1. Dare To Be an Outfit Repeater- If you’re going to be seeing two different people on two different days and you’re crunched for time, just wear the same thing. Let’s be honest — you probably put together something you really liked anyway, and it’s a great way to get more play out of your statement pieces.

2. Dry Shampoo is your BFF – Hair looking a little lifeless and greasy? Spritz dry shampoo on your roots and comb out, blow dry a little to add volume and you are good to go. Psh, who says you have to wash your hair everyday?

3. Master The Updo – Oh the days your hair is too crazy or dirty to wear down, master the up-do! Pull your hair into a messy pony or messy top knot and you’ll look trés chic in no time. Lucky for us lazy gals, messy hair is totally in right now.

4.Plan Outfits the Night Before – The night before pick out what you want to wear, your shoes, accessories, even your make-up! Doing this the night before allows you to hit that snooze button a few times before rising & takes aways the stress of “WHAT DO I WEAR!?” in the morning.

5.BB Cream and Lipstick Are Your Secret Weapon! – Too tired for make-up? A coat or two of mascara, BB cream and a swipe of red or any color lipstick paired with that messy do I’m sure you’re sporting and you look damn fabulous! People will think you wake up looking that good.

6. Shower The Night Before – This is an obvious one, but if you have time shower the night before. You can save 15 min. in the morning.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite tricks to save time when you’re in a rush?


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