Exclusive interview with Designer Michelle Nakah, the designer behind SusyWho Clothing

I had the chance to sit down with new designer Michelle Nakah and pick her brain with an exclusive interview about her line SusyWho.

Line will be available on First Street Fashion! Check it out !

image image 2

1. How did you get the name SusyWho as your brand?

Susy is my mother’s name. She motivated me to start my own clothing line, so I wanted to thank her by using her name. “Who” is for identity. It’s always good to remember who we are no matter what we do, where we are from or how we look.

2. Who does your clothing line target? 

We target women who like to transition outfits from day to night time. Hard working and strong women who are always staying productive & carrying a fashion statement.

3. Who or what are your inspirations behind your designs ?

I get inspired from living a productive lifestyle. Strong women who managed to look their best on a Monday morning getting ready to go to work. Music is also a big impact in my life. I believe that certain words and sounds can inspire me in so many ways. I let music help me determine how I feel, and knowing how I feel is what leads me into designing.

4. When did you first launch SusyWho?

I launched the company when I graduated from college and I’ve realized that the only way that I was going to find my own voice in fashion was going to be by doing my own thing.

5. How do you embrace your authentic self through your designs?

I grew up with the “do it yourself” concept, very independent. Whenever I wanted a new outfit, I would deconstruct something that I already had and made it look different. I never liked how anything fit me when I was in high school so I learn to adjust fashion into my body, not the other way around. I got an idea at a very young age that the only way that I was going to get satisfaction out of anything would be by “thinking outside the box”, and I’ve never looked back ever since. When designing, I always try to stick to who I am and combine the way that I view fashion.

6. In your opinion what is the distinction between style and fashion?

Style is what represents you. No mater what the season or the trend is at the moment, you Should always have your own style. It’s the way you wear things, the way that you put outfits together that makes sense to only you. You can have access to the best fashion in the world, but if you don’t have your own style, it will never look good.

7. Which elements are important in creating pieces that are complimentary to all individual styles?

The fit. It’s important to have the best fit that compliments my XS’s-1X’s. I like to create pieces that are going to form fit the body but at the same time making sure that its done in a comfortable way.

8. What is one thing people will be surprised to know about you ?

I always find time in my crazy schedule to sit down and write songs and lyrics with my bass guitar.

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