Shibue Couture Erases The Line At Art Basel

My absolute LINE-FREE panties have launched a new campaign during Art Basel! Shibue Couture launched their #shibuewithart at the BCBG Pre Spring Fashion Show at Soho Beach House. The models wore the unseen must have strapless panty underneath the new collection. Creator, Jennie Buettner gifted Real House Wife of Miami Lisa Hochstein a pair at the event. Lisa’s strapless panty was an essential piece to match her Herve Leger ensemble making her an instant believer!


The essential undergarment has made it’s mark in the industry by building partnerships with Herve Leger, BCBG, Beach Bunny, Luli Fama, Alexander Wang, and Chanel to name a few.



#shibuewithart will be in full effect creating a viral social media campaign during Art Basel. The LINE-FREE movement fashion team will be at the hottest Art Basel events and parties this week giving women who have let the line define their look a Shibue Couture panty to try. Shibue wants women to share their Basel line free moments with them by using the hashtag #shibuewithart on their social media outlets.

“Shibue Couture was created out of necessity. Women, myself included, needed a product that was sexy, yet comfortable and was allowed to be worn under their favorite garments without worrying about a panty line showing. Nothing takes the sexy out of an outfit like a visible panty line. ”  Said Creator, Jenny Buettner

Honestly, I use this little miracle undie and I LOVE IT. It gives me a smooth look under my most curve hugging dresses. I’ll be following the Line Free Movement #shibuewithart, will you?

Check em out! Shibue Couture 

@shibue – Instagram 


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