Vanity Fair & Tracey Emin Art Basel Party

Hello dolls! It’s that fabulous time of the year again here in Miami! It’s Basel week! Art Basel kicked off on Monday and there’s pretty much events every day for every ones taste. My calendar looks like a hot mess with everything I’m attending this week & I’ve prayed to the Basel gods to give me help and energy to survive this week.

I kicked off my Basel week with the VIP Vanity Fair Party last night where they were showcasing the Tracey Emin “Angel Without You” Exhibit! It was held at MOCA in North Miami. The event was full of big neon signs saying things from “You Kissed My Soul” to “Is Anal Sex Legal?” ! Some of the signs were absolutely hilarious in the most sexual way, but it was a perfect fit for a Vanity Fair party. The people were all great and I had a fabulous time! Check out the pictures below! The week is only just beginning, so make sure to keep up with my Basel madness on my Instagram @t_fashionbible and right here on the blog! I’ll be recapping all my events!

Till the next one! xo

May the Basel Gods be ever in your favor…

Outfit Details: Dress- Custom Made by Designer Emilio from Haus Fashion Lab; Clutch- Modish Mint; Shoes- Steve Madden Luxe 






1452436_10152050735105821_1264239761_n 1441190_10152050734725821_1462770766_n











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