My Top “Dress for Less” Stores

As much as I love fashion and trends, I don’t always love the prices that go with them. I’ve mastered the “getting the look for less” trick by shopping at my favorite dress for less stores before hitting up any high end retailers. I swear there is no better feeling then scoring those designer heels my friend spent $200 on for a fraction of the cost. I feel like some fashion superhero every time I score a great deal. Just call me Super Fashionista! Here to save the day with my frugalista tips are my top picks and what you can expect to find the best of in each store!


Can we just stop for a minute & praise the mighty gods that created this store? I love Marshalls. This is one of my fav stores to randomly stop into to see what I can find. Here you can expect to find a great selection of bags, shoes and clothes. I have found some major deals on designer shoes and bags here! Half of my closet is also from here, they tend to have super cute dresses and tops on stock at all times.


This is another of my favorites, but this is my go to spot for shoes and jewelry. They had a pair of Christian Louboutin once for $460 and if they would’ve been in my size I would bought them in a heartbeat. I bought a pair of $300 Cole Hann beautiful beige leather booties for $80 here once that made my frugalista self rejoice. You have to stop in here periodically to find good deals on shoes!


Ross isn’t my favorite place, but I have found some great deals on jackets and tops here. That’s usually what I go here for. You can also find some great statement necklaces here from time to time!


The name says it all. This is my place to find the hottest shoes for a good price. I’ve gotten beautiful boots here for under $100.


I love this place. It’s a little more pricey then the others I have mentioned, but the selection is just fantastic. I go here for high end bags, they always have the best selection from the largest range of designers and I also love the clothes selection. What I mainly come here for though is the shoes. They have such a wide selection of name brand shoes for great prices. I’ve gotten some Jeffery Campbell Litas here, a pair of Michael Kors booties and Dolce Vita oxfords for all under $150.


This place is fantastic for a few reasons. Be willing to spend a little more here, but it is well worth it. I come here to get perfumes like Alien and Angel for about 40% off retail prices. I also love their selection of statement jewelry, they seriously have beautiful affordable pieces ranging from $12-60. Another reason to hit up the store is the sunglasses collection. They have some great deals on the hottest sunnies here.

urlI have saved the best for last. If you know me personally, you know how big of a fan I am of thrifting. I go at least once a week and I never come home empty handed. I’ve gotten everything from skirts to purses to shoes here. I love coming here for vintage high waisted jeans which I make into shorts. My best finds here though two Fendi satchels, a Missoni sweater dress and a Chanel bag…yes a CHANEL bag. All authentic, I take them to get checked at the stores after purchasing.

There you have it, my fav frugalista stops and shops! What’s your go to spot to get a good deal?


2 thoughts on “My Top “Dress for Less” Stores

    1. For Marshalls, TJ maxx Nordstrom Rack and Ross I go to the kendall and coral way ones!

      Loehmanns I go to Kendall

      Goodwill I go to bird road, 8th st, coral way, homestead, pretty much all of them !

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