Peter Pilotto For Target Haul & Review

Happy Sunday my little fashion divas. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably in a shopping induced coma right now due to the Peter Pilotto collection hitting Target today. Since I really did love this line, I stayed up and shopped both online at 3am EST & in store at 8am. The line surely did not disappoint, but there were some pieces I had been super excited about that just did not make the cut. The green and purple printed dress which you’ll see below was horrendous on me, and the same goes for the shorts I was super excited about. I was also looking forward to the rash guards, but I ended up hating them and it was made out of bikini material…a no go for this Miami humidity; I’d die in the long sleeve from a heat stroke. I also hated the material and embossment on the Iris romper, it made it feel cheap. Anywho let’s take a look at my haul!

Click here for the official lookbook

photo 1

First stop was online shopping, I picked up a total of 7 pieces; 2 shirts for my momma and 5 mix and match pieces for me.

14964054_201402041235This was originally my favorite piece from the collection, but after seeing it in person…I’m almost sure I’m gonna hate how it looks on me since I’m so petite. It has tulle under to give it a fuller skirt and that’s a no no for this girl.

14957687_201402041215 14963546_201402041235

I picked these two up together because I loved how it was styled in the look book, but again I’m hesitant. The top is bikini material and the skirt in person I wasn’t loving it. I’ll have to wait till it gets here to make sure.

14964066 14957689_201402041215

These two tops I loved! I got to try them on in store after ordering and they fit so nicely and they can be dressed up or down.

pants 14964057_201402041235

Last from my online purchases I got the pants and the Iris top. The Iris tops runs large from what I noticed in the store, but it really is an absolutely beautiful print. It fits so great too! The pants I didn’t have a chance to try on, but here’s to hoping they fit because they are super cute in person.

Now onto my 8am, sleep deprived, “I stalked a lady for a dress” shopping haul at the Target store! That I stalked a lady for a dress is no joke, I waited for about 45 minutes outside the fitting rooms just praying to the fashion gods she would leave that little yellow number, she did & I grabbed it before you could blink. That dress is now my favorite piece of the entire collection, definitely the underrated gem.

First up was this yellow flower maxi number. It is sheer since it’s meant to me a beach coverup, but pair it with a black or nude slip under and it’s the perfect spring maxi. Love !

photo 6

Next up is this little red mixed print dress. I wasn’t originally planning on grabbing this but I’m glad I did. I loved the structure of it.

photo 5

Going back to the yellow print, I grabbed these high waisted pants. They run small and they’re supposed to fit flowy so I bought on size up and I plan to just take in the waist where it’s a little roomy. I loved these so much, they’re loud and so versatile. The perfect beach to street piece!

photo 4

Now my impulse buy of the day was this little ensemble which Diana Kurger wore to the Peter Pillotto for Target Launch event. I liked it at first, but the more I stared at it one I brought it home the more it looked like a future return. The skirt’s texture and feel is not up to par with what I expected. It felt cheap.

photo 2

Now before I show you my favorite piece, let me show you my two let downs. The green iris printed dress and the netting shorts. The dress…I don’t even have words. The shorts made me look like I had an adult diaper on. Just no. No, no , no. Both made me feel as if I had gained an extra 50 pounds.

        photo 8

photo 3

Now, drumroll please…………..Presenting my FAVORITE piece of the entire collection! I almost passed up this beauty but I’m glad my fashion instincts told me to try this baby on. I love it. It’s fun and bold, but sophisticated. I feel uber chic when I put it on!


All in all, the collection was good. Some pieces were a let down, the fabric and feel of the clothes could have been way better; then again it is Target, I can’t expect silk here. Although there’s a few returns in my near future, I’m happy with what I got and can’t wait to style these bold looks!

photo 9

What did you get from the collection?! xoxx

6 thoughts on “Peter Pilotto For Target Haul & Review

  1. Love your cute facial expressions! The belted floral dress at the bottom was not at my store, and it looks so stunning on you! I shopped online and in store and had fun sharing my favorites on my blog. I’m also loving the striped high-waisted pants, as my store did not have them either. Enjoy your new pieces, and thank you so much for sharing this helpful review!


  2. Loved your review! Thanks for all the details and pictures. I’m glad that your post didn’t sound like an advertisement like some of the other reviews out there 🙂

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