Boutique Spotlight: Alka Couture


I’m constantly searching for the best places to shop both locally and online where I can find the best prices on the latest trends. I’m all about getting the look for less and I thought it was time to share some of my favorite boutiques with you lovelies. Today I bring to you Alka Couture, a Miami based boutique. One of my favs due to how sweet the owner is and how she is always willing to help every person who walks through her doors out. This boutique is my favorite for mix and match pieces, with an endless collection of tops, shorts, skirts and pants. I had the chance to sit down with owner Cristina and ask her a few questions.

See one of my favorite tops I bought from them here.

Check em out ! xx


Instagram: @alkacouture


photo 2

T: Why did you start the boutique and what is its goal?

C: Growing up I always envisioned myself designing clothes. I spent my time sketching designs, and going to stores trying to find exactly what I was envisioning, with not much avail. Time passed, but my dreams did not. Alka Couture was opened with the idea of helping everyday women find that perfect outfit they envisioned. Our goal is to one day become the label on the designs we sell.

T:Whats your favorite part about owning one?

C: My favorite part of owning a boutique is having the experience of making a my client happy. Being able to provide the best service possible to her.

T: Why should people shop Alka over other ones?

C:Living in Miami you can find a clothing boutique in every corner, each with it’s unique way of being, but at Alka Couture, we offer a helping hand. That is one thing we pride ourselves on! We try to help each customer that walks through our doors. And offer a variety of different styles, for all sort of occasions. We also offer great quality clothing and excellent customer service!

T: What’s your personal style?

C: Alka is JUST TRENDY! Whatever is in, we carry. Anywhere from glamorous to edgy, sophisticated to boho chic and beachy.

T: How do you define fashion?

C: My definition of fashion would be what you make of something, with what you’ve got. How you can turn something ordinary, into something fashionable.

T :Current Must have item?

C: A statement necklace.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

photo 5

*all opinions here are my own and I was not paid for this post*


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