This 4yr. Old Is More Stylish Than You’ll Ever Be

Before I introduce you to her, I want you all to know that Mayhem is my spirit child. Now that that’s settled, onto the fabulousness. Allow me to introduce you to Mayhem. I was introduced to this little gem through here and thank god I was. This girl traded in her store bought princess gowns for hand made creations. Her and her mom make these AMAZING dresses out of almost anything! From construction paper to tissue paper to wrapping paper, if it can be made into a dress, they’ll use it. The creations range from red carpet worthy gowns to sea creature inspired get ups. The best part? Mayhem comes up with the ideas for the creations all by herself. She is a truly gifted little girl with a keen eye for design and fashion. Big ups to her mom who puts together most of the dresses! I really can’t get over how fashionable this little beauty is! Read the interview with the mom here and check out this sassy girl’s looks below.

P.S. Can we PLEASE talk about how fierce her posing is? #Ican’t

Follow them on Instagram for even more breath taking creations : @2sisters_angie

If you aren’t on Instagram, check out more of Mayhem’s creations on

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