Happy Birthday To : THE FASHION BIBLE!

500 One year ago I decided to relaunch The Fashion Bible and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been such an incredible first year and I am truly blessed to be where I am today. I would have never guessed I would be here a year ago with such great followers! I want to thank every single one of my subscribers, readers and fans for being so loyal to the site and always encouraging me. You all inspire me everyday to continue on this journey of mine. I also want to thank my family  and friends for the constant support and kind words. There are a few truly special friends who shall remain nameless that have constantly pushed me to keep going, been my rock and helped me find inspiration when I hit a wall. They’ve helped me better my site, learn new skills and find my voice amongst the noise and without them I wouldn’t be here today. You know who you are. Thank you to all the brands who have worked with me this first year and believing in my talent and writing. Every single one of you I have been grateful for! I hope that within this first year The Fashion Bible has been able to provide all with inspiration and fueled your love for fashion. I can only dream to continue this and bring you great posts! Thank you to the moon and back for such a great first year. Let’s raise our glasses and cheers to many more years of fashion to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY “THE FASHION BIBLE”! xoxx, Tiffany or as my friends now call me, @t_fashionbible ❤ A year of looks…well most of them !


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