Current Obsession: STILA All Day Liquid Lipstick


Hello and Happy Monday dolls! Today I wanted to introduce you all to my latest obsession, STILA All Day Liquid Lipstick. If you’re like me, you have searched near and far, high and low to find a matte lipstick that lasts all day, feels good on your lips and gives great HD color. Well ladies, I found it. Praise the makeup gods!


I put STILLA All Day Liquid Lipstick to the test and it stayed on through a night of eating, drinking, etc; and it felt great on my lips, not dry or sticky at all. I have to say I’m obsessed. This badass lippie comes in 10 HD Shades and runs about $22 each. You can find them at your local Sephora, Ulta or online at Stila.

I picked up Fiery, Beso and Patina on my last vist to Sephora. Fiery is a deep red while Beso is a true, classic red. Patina is a rosey mauve which is perfect if you’re trying to imitate Kylie Jenner’s signature lips. Check em out below!

TIP: This does stay put after applying so use a good primer & then apply the color of your choice with a brush for added precision to make sure it goes on perfect!

All my love,


DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed are my own. I did NOT receive product to sample.

7 thoughts on “Current Obsession: STILA All Day Liquid Lipstick

  1. I love this stuff!! I have Beso and it’s such an amazing red. I’ll have to try some of the other shades too 🙂

  2. Another lover of the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick! So excited! Seriously these babies are awesome! The colour Beso might trump MACs Ruby Woo in my opinion for the best classic matte red! Congrats on these gorgeous lippies!

    XO Luba

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