How To: Get the Cigarette Smell OUT!

Hi Loves! If you’re like me, the weekend comes with a fresh blow out or big waves to accompany your going out plans. You go out Friday night to your favorite bar, have a great time, meet that cutie with the light eyes, and then you call it a night. Your hair still looks fab enough for Saturday but there’s a major issue…it smells like you smoked 10 packs of cigarettes and poured an ashtray over your precious locks. SO GROSS. I cannot stand the smell that locks it self in my hair and the thought of having to wash it 30x and restyle it gives me nightmares. Well, never fear because there are so fool proof tips and tricks to help you get the smell out and keep your hair clean and ready for the next night!


Tip 1: Pour on the Lemon Juice – Grab some lemon juice and rub a little on your scalp and roots first, then rub some on the rest of your hair. The acid in the lemon juice combats the smell of the cigarettes.

Tip 2: Febreze that Bish – Febreze sucks the odor out of your hair the same way it does to your home. Spritz some on your locks and brush through to combat odor. Make sure you pick a NON-ALCOHOL type though, alcohol based will dry out your hair.

Tip 3: Fabric Softner Sheets – Go into your laundry room and take one or two sheets. Divide your hair into four sections and rub on each one. Don’t over do it though because it will leave a residue on your hair!

Tip 4: Dry Shampoo – I’v e already told you the wonder dry shampoo can do for your hair, but it can also take away cigarette smell! Spray on sections, let dry then comb through and viola! Fresh hair!



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