The Holy Grail for Our Tired, High Heeled Feet

Ladies, I kid you not when I say I have found the holy grail for anyone who has ever had foot pain due to walking in heels or walking ever. Allow me to introduce to you your new best friend, Topricin. A therapy cream designed by the gods themselves to help relieve our tired and achy feet from our heel pain. Skeptical at first, I put the cream to the ultimate test during my two-week adventures in Europe.


The first day I slathered on the cream on my feet and ankles as the instructions said and prayed for the best. I walked around Paris for about 15 hours and at the end there was only a slight throb. As instructed, I put the cream before bed and again the next 3 days before walking around. I kid you not when I say I & my cousin who tried it had no foot pain. We felt like we could take on the world. We decided to forego the cream for the next two days just to see if this was all in our head and sure enough, our feet ached and we seriously considered chopping them off from all the walking we were doing. After that, we were firm believers and made to sure apply the cream every damn day.

Application is easy and there is no odor or greasey feel to the cream! Topricin is free of parabens, petroleum & other harsh chemicals. The cream is formulated with a combination of natural biomedicines in a luxurious base of coconut oil and purified water.  Follow Directions below and you’re all set. I promise you your feet will thank you. Mine sure did!


-Apply before and after heels 

-Also apply nightly to relieve feet of everyday pain and improve overall feel 

That’s it, simple right? One step to pain free and beautiful feet!

Topricin is available at CVS, Walgreens or Topricinfoot.


*I received this product c/o Topical Biomedics. ALL opinions expressed here truthful & are my own*

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