Travel Style : CHITOWN

A month later I am finally getting around to sharing my images with you all from my uh ma zing trip to Chitown. I headed over to the Windy City with my two best girls and the city did not disappoint us. We absolutely loved the city, the people, the food, everything. Only thing we didn’t like was the cold, and yes I am from Miami and I think 60 degrees calls for boots and a leather jacket, but this was “OH MY GOD MY FEET ARE GOING TO FREEZE AND FALL OFF” cold. We Miamians just had to go to Chitown on the first snow storm on the year where temperatures dropped to 9 degrees and where the snow was so intense while we walked that I was positive I was going to meet my maker that day (dramatic yes I know). Regardless of almost dying, the city did look beautiful blanketed in snow and snow called for a style shoot, obvs. Details on the outfit are below and some extra pictures of the chitown madness. Till next time loves!

Outfit Details :  Top – Hautelook, Jeans – Old Navy, Boots – Cathy Jean, Jacket – Old Navy, Sunnies – illesteva 

IMG_1890 IMG_1904 IMG_1906


IMG_1917  IMG_1929

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