Dove Spray Deodorant; Fashion’s BFF

Happy 2016 loves! So glad to be sharing another year with you all and I am beyond excited for the things that lay ahead for TFB! I am kicking the year off with Dove and their new Dry Spray Deodorant. If there is one thing I hate it has to be deodorant stains on my clothes when I get dressed. Dove gave me a challenge, to switch deodorants for a week and see just how great it is. They claimed it to be fast drying, no residue and keeps sweat away for 48 hours. I was ready to put it to the test and I was oh so happy I did!


Dove Dry Spray proved to be a great addition to my beauty cabinet. After the course of a few weeks, I found my underarms were softer and more moisturized. I also found that it lasted through my workday and sweaty workouts, I still felt fresh hours later. It did claim to dry instantly and clear if you apply it correctly it should, but with human error sometimes it kind of made a thick white residue which I believe to be because I applied it to close to my underarm. This is perfect for every fashion lover who hates getting deodorant stain

My favorite of all the types they offer is Nourished Beauty which has hints of rose and jasmine. It smells so good! You can try any (or all) of the 6 fragrances for yourself because they are now available at your local drugstore or grocery store!

Let me know how you liked it if you try it out! Till next time!




*I received these products c/o Dove. All opinions expressed here are my own*

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