Make a Style Statement by Hooking Up with Your Own Closet

I teamed up with writers Sharon White and Janna Beatty, whom are co-authors of QUINTESSENTIAL STYLE: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look to teach you all on how to shop your own closet. Check out their tips below ! xx


Who can forget the scene from the movie “Clueless,” where main character Cher goes to her computer screen to find her outfit for the day? She clicks on clothing images, chooses a look, and tries them on her avatar. When her computer-generated ensemble is complete, she pulls the real thing out of her closet. You can do exactly that, once you learn to ‘shop your own closet.’

Chances are pretty good that you have everything in your closet right now to style your best looks. Your closet can be your first and best source for dressing, because everything behind that door was hand-selected by you. It didn’t just walk in there on its own. Put on a little music and make a date in your own personal boutique. Invite your full-length mirror and just play ‘dress up.’

Here’s how to get more out of your wardrobe by ‘shopping your own closet:

  1. Define your look. The Fashion Bible, Pinterest, and other websites are great sources for on-trend inspiration. Notice accessories and details you can incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Make single purchases–like an off-the-shoulder top or chunky heels–to mix with what you have.
  2. Rediscover things you may have forgotten about. Don’t let clothes in the back of your closet miss out on all the fun. Pull them out and let them join the party.
  3. Try on key pieces and rework them in different ways. Mix garments with other pieces you’ve never paired together before. Turn a button-down into a button-up. Mix a bomber jacket with a chiffon dress.
  4. When you buy something new, introduce it around. Every time you bring something into the group, let the other clothes in your closet meet the new kid in town. It’s surprising how many besties your newbie will find.
  5. Shop in unexpected places. No closet is off limits. Try your aunt’s closet for a midi housedress, thin belt, or a circle skirt. Or borrow a white t-shirt or Huaraches from your little brother.

Create an inspiration board of fashion ideas just like professional stylists, interior decorators, and costume designers. Hang it in your closet, so you can refer to it when dressing. Don’t be blinded by the flash of fashion, but do surround yourself with creativity.

Your fashion identity begins in your closet—who will you be today? Your closet should be your happy place, where visions flow. Become the premier designer in your own personal atelier. Choosing outfits for yourself—not the trendsetters–simply because you love the way they make you look and feel.



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