July Beauty Must-Haves

Another Month, another beauty round up. This month’s round-up includes a translucent powder with SPF perfect for summer, Vitamin C to make your skin glow & my go to lip saver. Let’s start shall we? P.S Tons of the below items are on SALE! Yaas, save that $$.

Also don’t forget to check out last month’s round up here! Products galore.


  1. ActivESSENCE Time Released Fragrance Mists – These new mists allow you to completely revamp your fragrance arsenal while simultaneously providing your skin with essential oils and vitamins A, C, and E, leaving it feeling nourished, hydrated, and supple. I love to throw one in my gym bag and spritz on after a workout before running my errands. The scent lasts all day and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed. It comes in 5 scents, my favorite being the French Vanilla Lavender. It smells like my cuban cult  favorite perfume, violetas, with a hint of vanilla. SOOOO GOOD. ($7.99)

2. Mineral Fusion SPF 30 Brush On Translucent Powder – So the older I get the more concerned I get with protecting my skin from the harsh sun and all those rays that are trying to kill my youthful glow. This little brush is the perfect way to get my SPF on without it ruining my makeup. It goes on translucent and helps set my foundation. It gives a matte finish and doesn’t cake up either. ($25, on SALE now for $18.74)

3. Vaseline Lip Therapy  –  THIS. I’ve been using this for a little over a year now and I honestly cannot live without it. I put this on every night before bed and wake up to beautiful, hydrated lips. I also love to use it to help repair my lips after wearing my matte lippies which can at times be very drying. It helps keeps lips healthy and flake free! I also use it as a base before applying lipstick, I’ll dab some on, wait 5 min then blot excess before applying lip color. For the price, you can’t get anything better. ($1.79)

4. Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Capsules – After hearing about the benefits of Vitamin C for awhile now, I took the plunge and tried it out for myself and was not disappointed. These little capsules did not break me out and left my face soooo smooth. I saw an increase in brightness and the texture of my skin improved.  ($20.99)

5. Nazelie Peeling Mask – This one product took a few tries to get used too but after a month or so, I became a believer. It’s a light textured mask formulated to remove excess oil, dirt and toxins that can clog pores. It brightens the skin and noticeably shrinks enlarged pores. Shea butter refreshes and restores skin suppleness. You can only leave it on 5 minutes so be careful! I like to use it around my t-zone areas 1-2 times a week. I saw a decrease in pore size and noticed my skin looked less oily on the days after using it. It does have a strong smell, but nothing you can’t deal with for 5 min. ($39, on SALE now for $28)

6. Exuviance Retexturing Treatment – I’ve struggled with my Keratosis Pilaris for years and it’s always something I’ve been self-conscious about. The tiny bumps on my arms made me feel like my skin would never be smooth and bump free. This cream has helped that dream become a reality. This light and scentless cream provides me with exfoliating glycolic acid that over time has calmed the bumped and smoothed them away. It hasn’t gotten rid of them all but I’ve seen an 90% improvement in my arms and I feel fabulous about it. For my girls with this issue, this is the difference between bumpy and smooth arms.  ($42)

7. ULTA Illuminating powder in Pink Diamond –  My HG highlighter is this super affordable one from none other than ULTA. This powder was my dupe for Becca’s Champagne Pop and it’s so good that it’s almost always sold out. It’s the perfect mix of glitz and glow with a slight peachy pink color. I never leave my house without a hint of this highlight on my cheekbones and bridge of the nose. It instantly brightens my face and just pulls me together. This always has amazing staying power! I have oily skin and this never slides off my face. I’m telling you go and find it in store because it’s worth it! ($10)

8. NBI Paradise Escape Body Scrub – I’m a firm believer in exfoliating the skin once to twice a week and this is my new favorite scrub. It smells like a tropical paradise and it’s made with all natural ingredients. This scrub sloughs away my dead skin and the added castor oil helps moisturize and leave my skin with a healthy glow.  ($18)

9. The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit – True life: I hate cleaning my makeup brushes. I know I’m not the only one either, it’s just so tedious and I frankly just don’t want to do it. This cleaning kit has made that task so much easier! All you do is put some organic cleaning shampoo on the brush, blot on the paper then attach the brush guard and stick in the drying vase. The brush guard helps keeps your brushes in shape and the drying vase allows for them to fully dry without laying on a flat surface and getting bacteria again. My brushes felt clean and softer after using it and my face was happy knowing my brushes were bacteria free. ($38, on SALE for $19.95)

10. Keratin Express Blow Out – This was a god-sent. If you have lots of hair like me and add a bit of frizz on top of all that hair, this is a great treatment! It’s similar to the traditional keratin treatment but takes half the time and you can wash your hair in as little as 8 hours later. After leaving the salon my hair felt heavy but when my 8 hours were up, I washed with my favorite sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and allowed my hair to air-dry without product to get the full effect. My hair dried frizz free and smoooooth as can be! I was so happy. It reduced my curl a little, but nothing drastic and my hair did not frizz in the horrible Miami humidity. I did the treatment 3 weeks ago and still see the frizz free effects on my hair. The treatment can last 6-8 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair and if you go in the pool and such. It’s affordable as well, running between $100-$130 depending on hair length. I only wish there was a DIY version of this. (Price varies by Salon)

8 thoughts on “July Beauty Must-Haves

  1. That’s a great way to get vitamin C, those tubs and creams are not air tight so they know it will only last a few uses and overload it with TOO MUCH vitamin c which breaks you out and irritates. The individual caps are genius. That my fav find on your list!

    Kat | persiankittykat.com

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