August Beauty Must Haves


Hello beauties! In this edition of the beauty round-up we have a powder foundation that sticks to your face no matter how hard you workout, my new favorite body cream and brush guards which have changed my makeup brush game! Check this month’s 10 picks below !


  1. Trilipiderm All-Body Moisture Retention Creme – THIS SMELLS SO GOOD. No really, it does. Besides that it quickly became my favorite cream due to its non-greasy feel and ability to absorb into my skin so quickly. It has fatty acids and vitamin E which kept my skin feeling great. I love it for my hands and feet more than anything since that’s where I lose the most moisture. After a month of using I noticed my skin’s texture and tone has improved quite a bit which is why it made this list! ($14.95)

      2.Farmhouse Fresh Pudding Apeel Mask – If I told you I didn’t have an obsession with face masks, I’d be lying. This mask smells like pudding, delicious pudding. I apply an even layer to my face and let sit for 20 min. It gives this warm, tingly feeling that lets you know it’s working. Glycolic and fruit extract Alpha Hydroxy Acids combine with hydrating honey and coconut milk to infuse skin with moisture as you renew. The mask left my skin glowing and so soft. After continued use it helped control my breakouts, even my skin texture and kept my skin glowing. ($22)

3. Nassif MD Detox Pads– My skin has never looked better and it’s thanks to these bad boys. I struggle with oily skin and large pores around my nose and these have significantly reduced those pesky pores. These pads are an exfoliating and firming treatment in one that slough away dead skin cells while fighting big pores and fine lines. My skin looks smooth and pore-free after daily use of these pads, if there’s one thing you get from the list, make it this. ($45) 

4. The Brush Guard – If you’re like me, you probably throw your makeup brushes in your makeup bag and hope they don’t get ruined. Well these little gems have saved my makeup brushes from being tossed in the bin. The brush guard come in different styles and sizes and go around your brush to help keep it’s shape and protect it in your makeup bag! I never knew I needed these things until I started using them and now I can’t imagine my makeup bag without them. Best part is they are super affordable! ($12+ a pack)

5. ShampYOU Conditioner – This conditioner left my hair soft, frizz free and smelling like a flower. Pair it with the customizable shampoo (I did a red color booster and curl enhancer) and it’s a pair that can’t be beat. ($10, currently Buy Two,Get One)

6. Enhance Brow and Lash Oil – I’ve been using this for months now and thought it’s time to share it with you all. I love this oil beyond words! It has helped my spotty brows grow in thick and full. It’s also helped keep my lashes healthy. I apply it nightly to my brows and lash line. If you have brows you are trying to grow and fill in, TRY THIS. ($12+)

7. Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads – If you read my last post about my issues with aging, you know I’m on the hunt to prevent wrinkles so I’ll try anything once. I like to use these whenever I feel like my eye area is looking dull or if I have had a long week where sleep was optional…which happens to often tbh. I put them under each eye and relax for 30 min then remove and massage the remaining serum into the area. Looking back at me in the mirror are brighter and firmer eye areas instantly. They have also helped my tiny crows feet over time become smoother, so yay no wrinkles! ($49)

8. Sweat Stick Mineral Foundation – Active girls rejoice! A brush on foundation with SPF 30 that lasts up to 80 minutes no matter how bad you’re sweating. You brush on this bad boy and it promises to not clog pores and not drip down your face when sweating your booty off in spinning or walking down the street if you live in Miami like I do. It stayed put and provided me with SPF which is VERY IMPORTANT! It comes in a range of shades and they also launced a sweat proof illuminator, yassss ($42)

9. Monat Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy – I have naturally wavy hair and love products that help me achieve tamed beach waves with minimal effort. This is one of those products. This taffy is full of ingredients that protect my hair from sun damage, pre mature thinning and scalp inflammation. It also has oils to help thicken hair naturally and keep it strong as can be! You just rub some between your palms and apply to sections. I usually apply some then scrunch my hair and define my waves with my fingers. ($34)

10. All That Shimmers Dry Shimmer Oil– A perfect pick me up for my tan when it starts to fade. this light oil give you a gorgeous glow with a tad of shimmer. I like to use it for special nights out or events where I feel a little on the pale side. it makes my skin glow and is super easy to apply. All you do is rub it in to your skin and viola, glowing goddess like skin. ($32)

**All opinions expressed are my own, some products were received in exchange for honest reviews**

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