My birth certificate reads Tiffany Ann Gonzalez & I was born in what most people call Miami, FL or as I like to call it The Magic City on a late February night. I was named Tiffany due to my mom’s love for Tiffany &  Co. & all blame is on her for making me into the fashion lover I am today.

My veins flow with strong Cuban blood and I like to think there’s some glitter in there as well. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful crazy family and just as fantastic friends.

I am a proud alum of Florida International University and work in the 24/7 field of public relations.

My personality has two sides: the fun, crazy, loud and fashion loving diva & the sports junkie, flag football playing, amateur boxer, let’s grab a beer with the boys kinda girl. I personally like to think both sides are pretty awesome, just saying.

My guilty pleasure is thrifting and froyo. I live to find great deals on the latest trends and my heart skips a beat at the mention of pizza and Nutella (even more if they’re together,judge me whatever).

My love for writing, creating and fashion is what keeps me going and I hope to inspire every single reader to be the best possible version of themselves. May The Fashion Bible fuel your passion for fashion and help you realize your inner Beyoncé!



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