Get To Know Me


TF-Sunset-01-28-4296My birth certificate reads Tiffany Ann Gonzalez & I was born in what most people call Miami, FL or as I like to call it The Magic City on a late February night. I was named Tiffany due to my mom’s love for Tiffany &  Co. & all blame is on her for making me into the fashion lover I am today.

My veins flow with strong Cuban blood and I’ve been blessed with a wonderful, crazy family and just as fantastic friends.

I have an American Bulldog puppy named Major, who drives me crazy but I couldn’t live without him.

Aside from blogging I work as a full-time public relations & marketing professional.

People describe me as being loud, creative, fearless and loving. I’m a creative by birth, with my best ideas coming to life in the middle of the night (cue under eye circles) and I love to travel, living out of a suitcase every chance that I get.

My guilty pleasure is crappy reality shows and Cape Cod chips. I love the color olive and after countless hair appointments, I became a red head and have never felt more like myself.

Can’t wait to get to know each of you on this blogging journey! Cheers to you!

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