5 Minute Make-Up Challenge ft. Henna Ali

5 Minute Make-Up Challenge ft. Henna Ali

My good friend and Beauty YouTuber, Henna, recently invited me to do a collab video with her. It was all fun and games until she told me this would be a 5 minute makeup challenge and well let’s just say I almost took my eye out and spent the video with one eye crying. Watch below!

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Make a Style Statement by Hooking Up with Your Own Closet

Make a Style Statement by Hooking Up with Your Own Closet

I teamed up with writers Sharon White and Janna Beatty, whom are co-authors of QUINTESSENTIAL STYLE: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look to teach you all on how to shop your own closet. Check out their tips below ! xx


Who can forget the scene from the movie “Clueless,” where main character Cher goes to her computer screen to find her outfit for the day? She clicks on clothing images, chooses a look, and tries them on her avatar. When her computer-generated ensemble is complete, she pulls the real thing out of her closet. You can do exactly that, once you learn to ‘shop your own closet.’

Chances are pretty good that you have everything in your closet right now to style your best looks. Your closet can be your first and best source for dressing, because everything behind that door was hand-selected by you. It didn’t just walk in there on its own. Put on a little music and make a date in your own personal boutique. Invite your full-length mirror and just play ‘dress up.’

Here’s how to get more out of your wardrobe by ‘shopping your own closet:

  1. Define your look. The Fashion Bible, Pinterest, and other websites are great sources for on-trend inspiration. Notice accessories and details you can incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Make single purchases–like an off-the-shoulder top or chunky heels–to mix with what you have.
  2. Rediscover things you may have forgotten about. Don’t let clothes in the back of your closet miss out on all the fun. Pull them out and let them join the party.
  3. Try on key pieces and rework them in different ways. Mix garments with other pieces you’ve never paired together before. Turn a button-down into a button-up. Mix a bomber jacket with a chiffon dress.
  4. When you buy something new, introduce it around. Every time you bring something into the group, let the other clothes in your closet meet the new kid in town. It’s surprising how many besties your newbie will find.
  5. Shop in unexpected places. No closet is off limits. Try your aunt’s closet for a midi housedress, thin belt, or a circle skirt. Or borrow a white t-shirt or Huaraches from your little brother.

Create an inspiration board of fashion ideas just like professional stylists, interior decorators, and costume designers. Hang it in your closet, so you can refer to it when dressing. Don’t be blinded by the flash of fashion, but do surround yourself with creativity.

Your fashion identity begins in your closet—who will you be today? Your closet should be your happy place, where visions flow. Become the premier designer in your own personal atelier. Choosing outfits for yourself—not the trendsetters–simply because you love the way they make you look and feel.



Your Guide to Color Correcting

Your Guide to Color Correcting

Hello beauties! In the last few months I’ve seen women coloring their faces different colors in an attempt to make redness, dark circles, and imperfections disappear  and if you’re like me you were or are lost as to how in the world you can make it work for you! Never fear, as always TFB is here to light the way. I’ve compiled a guide to color correcting where you can learn what works for which imperfection and the best way to apply the colors!

After learning how to correctly color correct, I can say it is AWESOME. My dark circles are gone and my redness is basically invisible. This is a great way to step up your make up routine and it takes an extra 5 min to add this to your makeup routine.

If we look at the color wheel, we will see each of the colors. Opposite each one of them is a color that has the exact strength to cancel the other one, For example, red is across from green; they cancel each other out. When applied to the human face, the same sort of cancellation happens on the skin as it would on canvas.


Let’s take a look at what color works for what skin issue to find which colors you should be using:

Green concealer under foundation cancels out acne, sunburn, rosacea, and visible capillaries.

Yellow concealer lightens darker skin tones and combats purple under-eye circles or bruises.

Peach concealer conceals under-eye circles on olive skin tones, and counterbalances deep blue skin associated with the weariest of under-eye darkness.

Pink concealer brightens the complexion and combats sallow undertones in fair to medium skin tones. Purple does the same.

Blue concealer adds radiance to skin and brightens porcelain and fair skin tones.

Caramel counteracts ashiness on medium and dark skin tones.

Now how to apply: Start off by cleansing your face as usual and applying any toners and moisturizers. The apply the correct color concealer to your problem area. I usually apply yellow under my eyes and green on my blemishes.

After you apply, blend blend blend! I love to blend with a damp beauty blender. After its all blended I apply my foundation and then if I need it, a little skin colored concealer on top. Set with setting powder and VIOLA! Perfect looking skin!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

This week I decided to take my love for coffee to the next level and make my own Coffee Sugar Scrub. According to health experts, coffee can help with the following:

1) diminish the appearance of cellulite
2) tighten and tone the look of your skin
3) serve as an exfoliant when you use the grounds as a scrub

Plus, coffee is naturally a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory so it’s the perfect thing to add to your face and body scrub. In this recipe, I used coconut oil instead of Olive oil for its moisturizing benefits among a long list of thing coconut oil is good for. This is all natural and a serious wake-up for your skin! So find a container and get to mixing ladies.


You’ll need:

  1. 3 tbsp coffee grounds (any will do, either fresh or pre-used)
  2. 1 tbsp sugar (something finer so it’s not too harsh on your skin)
  3. 2 tbsp oil (coconut -melted- or olive)


Just mix it all up, simple right? Store in an air-tight container and viola! All done. Enjoy