My Top 5 Matte Liquid Lipsticks

If you know me, you know I have a slight matte liquid lipstick obsession. By obsession I mean I’ve tried countless brands and own a little over 65 lippies. After all the brands I’ve gone through I’ve started to have some favorites. I’m rounding up my top 5 brands below.

#5 Colourpop: For the price, these liquid lippies take the cake. Their formula and feel is very very VERY similar to a Kylie lip kit & they have so many colors to pick from. These are a bit drying though and sometimes the formula can go on uneven which is why they are last on my list. ($6)

#4 Stila: This was the first liquid lipstick I tried and thus started my obsession. These smell good and look good on. They have a range of colors and have decent staying power. If you don’t eat anything oily or greasy, they can last 8+ hours on. They are a bit on the drying side though. ($24)

#3 MAC RetroMatte: These are the! The formula is SO GOOD. Easy to apply, long lasting (food and kiss proof) and your lips feel good while you have it on, not dry and cracking. Their nude colors are my top picks hands down! ($21)

#2 SmashBox: I was so surprised when I tried these out and saw how good they are! They are great on price and look AMAZING on. Almost every color I’ve tried looks good. The applicator can be tricky, but this formula feels so soft on and stays on 10+ hours. Even through a greasy burger my lipstick stays fleeky. ($24)

#1 Kat Von D: My top pick for every reason you can think of. It’s applicator makes applying without a lip liner a breeze. The formula is amazing and moisturizing and your lips never crack while wearing it. It won’t feather or bleed after hours of eating and drinking and it doesn’t fade off. The colors are all vibrant and eye catching. All around an amazing liquid lipstick and worth every penny. ($20)

What are your favorite brands? Comment below ! Till next time my fabulous readers!


June Beauty Must – Haves

June Beauty Must – Haves

It’s time to round up this month’s MUST HAVE beauty items. This month’s round-up includes rice papers that promise to leave your oily skin shine free and a curl enhancer cream that I can’t get enough of. Let’s start shall we?



  1. LipRenew Plump & De Age Treatment – First up on the list, my new favorite lip treatment. LipRenew is a cream you put on your lips daily to help smooth out wrinkles, lines and plump up your pout! For someone like myself who is constantly using matte lippes this has been a lifesaver! It helps restore my lips and keeps them looking healthy and full. This does cause a slight tingling sensation but it subsides within a few minutes. I highly recommend adding this to your beauty routine! ($55)

2. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Moisturizer –  I have been on the hunt for a moisturizer that kept my peeling skin at bay (an unfortunate side effect of retinol), wouldn’t make my oilk skin break out and included anti aging properties because hey, I won’t be 25 forever and I found it! This moisturizer is affordable and really gets the job done. I have a few fine lines and saw them greatly reduced while using this and my skin glowed. It’s also really thick and hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy and causing a breakout. Another major plus? It’s under $50!! ($24)

3. Palladio Rice Papers – THIS! Listen, I have struggled with my oily skin FOREVER and I never leave home without my blue oil blotting sheets because lord knows after an hour or two out, my face looks so shiny it’s not even funny. Well, these papers win at everything!!!!! One side absorbs the oils and the other side is coated with a translucent powder to touch up my face. It’s the perfect two in one product and it eliminates the need for me to carry my compact with me. If you have oily skin, this is a must have in your bag! ($4)

4. Terax Leave In Conditioner – A vegan moisturizer for hair that uses a super cocktail of botanicals, along with Sunflower seed extract for antioxidant protection and color retention. It also helps to balance out your hair and cuticles to lock in moisture to fight frizz and color damage. As a red head I need all the color protection I can get and this leaves my crazy hair manageable and soft while locking in my color. I personally love to keep this in my beach bag to spritz on while in the sun and after getting in the water to help keep my hair healthy. ($22)

5. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE. I bought over 10+ shades because I have no self control and I loved every single one. The formula lasts F O R E V E R and doesn’t dry out my lips too bad. These are a great dupe for Kylie Lip Kits and Stila All Day Liquid Lipsticks at a fraction of the cost. YOU NEED THESE, trust me. ($6)

6. AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Perfume – This is your must have summer perfume. It is so delicious! This fragrance is a floral and citrus mix that is just as magical and as wonderful as its inspiration. It includes notes of honeysuckle and grapefruit and trasnports you to the island of Capri where its inspiration came from. I carry the rollerball in my bag for touch ups through out the day and whenever I need to pretend I’m on a magical vacation instead of dealing with my office woes. ($100-$155)

7. Julius Few MD Smooth Shade Tint – When you go out and need a flawless face, this is it. An SPF 50+ BB Cream that lends a sheer tint to skin to hide imperfections. Perfect for evening out tone, minimizing the look of lines and pores, and controlling shine when you’re out having fun in the sun. I love this for days where I’m hitting the gym and running errands where I want to protect my skin but a no makeup feel and also for my days spent by the water but I want a little coverage to hide any blemishes or big pores! It comes at a steep price but a little goes a long way with this product! ($80)

8. DERMAFLASH – This little device is an at-home exfoliating device that refinishes skin by removing dead skin cells and built-up debris, while also gently removing facial hair for smooth, luminous, and youthful-looking skin.I love this machine because it leaves my skin smooth and provides a great canvas for my makeup and also leaves my skin looking so good I can feel confident on days I go make-up free. You prep your skin with a special cleanser and then after you use the device you put another cream to sooth your skin. It’s a pricey machine but worth every penny for the results you get. ($189)

9. T’ZIKAL Curling Cream – I swear I am a hair product hoarder but this one stands out among all my other curl enhancing creams. First off the smell is AMAZING! Secondly, it works wonder on my wavy/curly lion’s mane that I call hair. I am always trying to embrace my natural hair and this helps me do just that. I apply a little to damp hair and work it through and then a little on my dry hair the next morning. This cream is made with Ojon oil and helps control my frizz and keep my curls moisturized and shiny! ($38)

10. Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator – I am a highlighter obsessed woman. My boyfriend is always making fun of my highlighting skills and calling me GoldDust but IDGAF because I look fabulous. This product is now my new favorite highlighter for a natural everyday look. The shade is universally flattering and isn’t glittery which I love. I apply it and blend with my fingers for the most natural look. This is perfect for no makeup days when I want a glowy look! Also unlike powder luminizers and highlighters, this fresh-looking cream fuses with the complexion for a healthy-looking sheen. It’s like a mini portable spotlight for your face! YAS. ($42)