5 Minute Make-Up Challenge ft. Henna Ali

5 Minute Make-Up Challenge ft. Henna Ali

My good friend and Beauty YouTuber, Henna, recently invited me to do a collab video with her. It was all fun and games until she told me this would be a 5 minute makeup challenge and well let’s just say I almost took my eye out and spent the video with one eye crying. Watch below!

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My Top 5 Matte Liquid Lipsticks

If you know me, you know I have a slight matte liquid lipstick obsession. By obsession I mean I’ve tried countless brands and own a little over 65 lippies. After all the brands I’ve gone through I’ve started to have some favorites. I’m rounding up my top 5 brands below.

#5 Colourpop: For the price, these liquid lippies take the cake. Their formula and feel is very very VERY similar to a Kylie lip kit & they have so many colors to pick from. These are a bit drying though and sometimes the formula can go on uneven which is why they are last on my list. ($6)

#4 Stila: This was the first liquid lipstick I tried and thus started my obsession. These smell good and look good on. They have a range of colors and have decent staying power. If you don’t eat anything oily or greasy, they can last 8+ hours on. They are a bit on the drying side though. ($24)

#3 MAC RetroMatte: These are the bomb.com! The formula is SO GOOD. Easy to apply, long lasting (food and kiss proof) and your lips feel good while you have it on, not dry and cracking. Their nude colors are my top picks hands down! ($21)

#2 SmashBox: I was so surprised when I tried these out and saw how good they are! They are great on price and look AMAZING on. Almost every color I’ve tried looks good. The applicator can be tricky, but this formula feels so soft on and stays on 10+ hours. Even through a greasy burger my lipstick stays fleeky. ($24)

#1 Kat Von D: My top pick for every reason you can think of. It’s applicator makes applying without a lip liner a breeze. The formula is amazing and moisturizing and your lips never crack while wearing it. It won’t feather or bleed after hours of eating and drinking and it doesn’t fade off. The colors are all vibrant and eye catching. All around an amazing liquid lipstick and worth every penny. ($20)

What are your favorite brands? Comment below ! Till next time my fabulous readers!


March Beauty Must-Haves

Hello my beautiful readers. I’m back with my 10 favorite beauty products of the month which have all been personally tested by muah so you can trust that if it’s on here, it’s good. This month I’m including a facial exfoliator that rivals the famous Kate Somerville, matte lippies that won’t budge, a highlight stick and skin perfecting tool that you need to add to your skincare routine. Let’s get to it!


  1. Trufora Triple Action Exfoliator– If you know me, you know how much I loved Kate Somerville’s exfoliakate but the price tag is border line ridiculous for a teeny tiny amount. Allow me to introduce you to a product ever better than the Somerville cult favorite. This Trufora exfoliator is down right AMAZING. I use this twice a week and in month my skin has improved significantly. My pores are pretty much gone and with my pores went the dullness as well. I can see a brighter complexion by using this and I’ve also experienced less breakouts. WINNING. I cannot stress enough how much I love this product and it’s half the price of its competitor. ($45)


  1. 2. Stacked SkinCare Dermaplaning Tool– This little tool is a total game changer. Safely remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells with this non-invasive exfoliation tool for instantly smoother and brighter skin. Designed to provide similar results to an in-office dermaplaning treatment, this at-home tool gently purifies skin of dead cell build-up and fine facial hair to reveal a bright, youthful-looking complexion. It was scary at first to use but ever so satisfying to see all my peach fuzz and dead skin come off, plus my skin looked SO GOOD after.  ($75)


  1. Sesderma Factor G Serum– Sesderma is by far one of my favorite skin care brands, I’ve included other awesome products in previous round ups, see here. This time I’m raving about their Factor G Serum, which is made to help protect your skin from aging while helping improve dark spots and skin texture. This powerful concentrate helps to stimulate cell regeneration that aids in making your skin look better and keeping it look young as ever. I use it in the morning before my usual routine and then again at night time. ($57)


  1. Trestique Perfect Multipurpose Highlight Stick – This little stick has become a makeup bag staple. The creamy highlight glides on and I can blend it on the go with the built in perfecting sponge. I also found the sponge helps give me a perfect dewy look where my skin looks perfect. The caps are magnetic too which I loved ! It helps avoid any makeup bag mishaps. ($34)


  1. MAC Retro Matte Collection – If you follow me on the gram’ I’m sure you’ve seen me mention these quite a bit already so it’s no surprise they made the list. I love the newest line from MAC. An earthy toned collection of true matte liquid lipsticks. These bad boys stay on your lips and do not over dry them which was a huge selling point for me. The line has stunning colors one of my favorites being Carnivorous (seen here) ($21)


  1. Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Mud Mask– THIS MASK. I am obsessed with it. It is made with charcoal and salicylic acid so it helps draw out the nasty stuff and detoxify my skin while treating existing breakouts. I use this once every two weeks to help keep my skin clear. I also use it as my emergency remedy when I suffer a bad breakout. I can feel it cleaning y skin when I have it on and it cuts the breakouts longevity in half. ($15.99)


  1. Big Sexy Hair Silk Finish– This is a newer product from the already loved brand. I tested this on both my wet and dry hair and loved it both ways. Your hair seriously feels like SILK when using this. The serum is light and not greasy so my hair doesn’t get weighed down and gross looking. I noticed that when I used it, I had less frizz and spilt ends which is a big win for me. This is great for all types of hair but especially those with wavy and curly hair who need a little extra help taming their beast. ($20)


  1. Hair La Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend – I’m a big supplement fan and love anything I can take for my skin or hair. Recently, I started to experience some scalp issues and noticed a bit more hair falling out than usual and I instantly freaked and needed something to help keep my hair and scalp healthy. I stumbled across Hair La Vie and loved adding this to my hair treatment. These pills are filled with good stuff like biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Flax Seed Oil. All these work together to help maintain my hair at its healthiest and help the growth. I noticed I had less hair loss while on the pills and that sold me. ($48)


  1. Robin McGraw Revelation’s Starlight, Face Bright  – Recently I finished up my night cream so I had to try a new one and this one was a winner. I like to use this every other night switching off with an anti-aging night cream. This brightening wonder cream is made with Vitamin C to help protect my skin from free radicals while still helping brighten my skin and lessen my acne marks. I also saw an improvement in my pore size which was a great plus. ($50)


  1. Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment-I’ve spent the last few months in a full blown battle with my skin and just when I was ready to give up, I found this while wandering the aisles of Target. A Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment that has worked ridiculously well on my pimples, even my cystic ones. I put it on and within a day or two, the size and redness is significantly reduced. I was surprised at how well this worked for my cystic acne, which is what I was struggling with the most. You just need to make sure to not mix with another acne treatment as it can dry out your skin. ($6)



November Beauty Must-Haves

November Beauty Must-Haves

Hello my beautiful readers! I cannot believe I am on my NOVEMBER round -up. Where in the world has this year gone?! This round up has some of my favorite products yet including some Korean BB creams and face masks that are life and my new favorite eye shadow palette that I don’t know how I lived without for so long. Let’s get started shall we?

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  1. MORPHE 350 Palette – GUYS. Morphe palettes are life, done…review over. Seriously though, I love this palette. It’s affordable and the color payoff is so good! The colors are all blend-able as well. They have so many to choose from but the 350 is the perfect starting point full of neutral colors that allow you to create tons of fierce eye looks.  ($22.99)

2. SUDZZfx Cashmere Shampoo –  I review A LOT of shampoos and while in the beginning  I love most, after a few uses I realize they are making my hair fade faster and dry out. This shampoo has been a god sent. Its’s pricey but so worth it. It  tames my unruly frizzball hair and keeps my red looking brighter longer. I like that it hydrates my hair  without being to heavy and greasy. ($24)

3. BASQNYC Intensive Stretch Mark Butter – This yummy cream is so great to help with anyone dealing with their tiger stripes. I  have strech marks around my hips and booty from working out and growing my baby muscles and this has helped with preventing new ones from forming while reducing my old ones. It’s active ingredients have helped smooth them out and  makes this cream perfect for expecting mommies! ($38)

4. Laneige BB Cushion- This is one of my favorites on this month’a round up! I am a forever user of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer but this has become my new go to product for days I don’t need a full face of make-up. It’s light and covers pretty well and feels so nice on your skin. It looks like I have nothing on my face and the bet part is that it protects you from the harmful rays of the sun and makes you look refreshed. Bonus, it comes with a refill when you  buy it! ($34)

5.  Amore Mattallics Lip Crèmes – These metallic matte lipsticks put Kylie’s lip kits to shame. First off the price is so good, it’s under $10! Next is the pigmentation and staying power. These metallics are beautifully bright and have great staying power. They are so vibrant and come in the most beautiful colors. Favorites are Chromattic Addict and Pretty Problematic. ($8.99)

6. Curiosity Long Wear Top Coat – I’m a die hard gel polish lover but once in awhile I like to let my nails breathe. Yet they chip within two days and I find myself crying over my ugly nails. This topcoat has stopped my ugly crying woes because it keeps my nails look like a gel finish for 10-11 days! No chips, game changer people. ($5.95)

7. MAC Liptensity –  To add to my never ending lipstick collection are these badboys. MAC’s newest line and man oh man are they great. SUPER pigmented with great staying power and in soooooo many beautiful shades, all the colors in the spectrum. They go on easy but I prefer to apply with a brush for precision and they last through a night or drinking and eating without bleeding or fading too bad. ($21)

8. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – Another product from this brand made the list and this mask is UH MA ZING. I used this on a long flight to Rome recently and I woke up looking refreshed with bright and plump skin. TBH I looked like a million bucks compared to my usual post flight skin. You apply this before bed and let it do it’s magic overnight and wake up with model worth skin. It draws in serious moisture and yo look all glow-y after you wake up, it’s my go to when my skin needs a boost from lack of sleep ! ($24)

9. Dermorganic Leave in Treatment – Being a long time abuser of dying my hair, this is a great treatment to bring my thick hair back to life. I love that it’s organic and it smells so good. I put in a small amount and run it through my hair and then a little more on my ends. After using for a few weeks I noticed my hair felt lighter and was less dry. ($10)

10. Magic Pads – These are similar to my favorite detox pads but help more with my acne then with my pore size and skin texture. They can dry out your skin so make sure to use a good moisturizer after and use every other day! They’ve helped fight my blackheads and occasional breakout! ($20)

*all opinions expressed here are my own. Some product was received for review purposes*

August Beauty Must Haves


Hello beauties! In this edition of the beauty round-up we have a powder foundation that sticks to your face no matter how hard you workout, my new favorite body cream and brush guards which have changed my makeup brush game! Check this month’s 10 picks below !


  1. Trilipiderm All-Body Moisture Retention Creme – THIS SMELLS SO GOOD. No really, it does. Besides that it quickly became my favorite cream due to its non-greasy feel and ability to absorb into my skin so quickly. It has fatty acids and vitamin E which kept my skin feeling great. I love it for my hands and feet more than anything since that’s where I lose the most moisture. After a month of using I noticed my skin’s texture and tone has improved quite a bit which is why it made this list! ($14.95)

      2.Farmhouse Fresh Pudding Apeel Mask – If I told you I didn’t have an obsession with face masks, I’d be lying. This mask smells like pudding, delicious pudding. I apply an even layer to my face and let sit for 20 min. It gives this warm, tingly feeling that lets you know it’s working. Glycolic and fruit extract Alpha Hydroxy Acids combine with hydrating honey and coconut milk to infuse skin with moisture as you renew. The mask left my skin glowing and so soft. After continued use it helped control my breakouts, even my skin texture and kept my skin glowing. ($22)

3. Nassif MD Detox Pads– My skin has never looked better and it’s thanks to these bad boys. I struggle with oily skin and large pores around my nose and these have significantly reduced those pesky pores. These pads are an exfoliating and firming treatment in one that slough away dead skin cells while fighting big pores and fine lines. My skin looks smooth and pore-free after daily use of these pads, if there’s one thing you get from the list, make it this. ($45) 

4. The Brush Guard – If you’re like me, you probably throw your makeup brushes in your makeup bag and hope they don’t get ruined. Well these little gems have saved my makeup brushes from being tossed in the bin. The brush guard come in different styles and sizes and go around your brush to help keep it’s shape and protect it in your makeup bag! I never knew I needed these things until I started using them and now I can’t imagine my makeup bag without them. Best part is they are super affordable! ($12+ a pack)

5. ShampYOU Conditioner – This conditioner left my hair soft, frizz free and smelling like a flower. Pair it with the customizable shampoo (I did a red color booster and curl enhancer) and it’s a pair that can’t be beat. ($10, currently Buy Two,Get One)

6. Enhance Brow and Lash Oil – I’ve been using this for months now and thought it’s time to share it with you all. I love this oil beyond words! It has helped my spotty brows grow in thick and full. It’s also helped keep my lashes healthy. I apply it nightly to my brows and lash line. If you have brows you are trying to grow and fill in, TRY THIS. ($12+)

7. Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads – If you read my last post about my issues with aging, you know I’m on the hunt to prevent wrinkles so I’ll try anything once. I like to use these whenever I feel like my eye area is looking dull or if I have had a long week where sleep was optional…which happens to often tbh. I put them under each eye and relax for 30 min then remove and massage the remaining serum into the area. Looking back at me in the mirror are brighter and firmer eye areas instantly. They have also helped my tiny crows feet over time become smoother, so yay no wrinkles! ($49)

8. Sweat Stick Mineral Foundation – Active girls rejoice! A brush on foundation with SPF 30 that lasts up to 80 minutes no matter how bad you’re sweating. You brush on this bad boy and it promises to not clog pores and not drip down your face when sweating your booty off in spinning or walking down the street if you live in Miami like I do. It stayed put and provided me with SPF which is VERY IMPORTANT! It comes in a range of shades and they also launced a sweat proof illuminator, yassss ($42)

9. Monat Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy – I have naturally wavy hair and love products that help me achieve tamed beach waves with minimal effort. This is one of those products. This taffy is full of ingredients that protect my hair from sun damage, pre mature thinning and scalp inflammation. It also has oils to help thicken hair naturally and keep it strong as can be! You just rub some between your palms and apply to sections. I usually apply some then scrunch my hair and define my waves with my fingers. ($34)

10. All That Shimmers Dry Shimmer Oil– A perfect pick me up for my tan when it starts to fade. this light oil give you a gorgeous glow with a tad of shimmer. I like to use it for special nights out or events where I feel a little on the pale side. it makes my skin glow and is super easy to apply. All you do is rub it in to your skin and viola, glowing goddess like skin. ($32)

**All opinions expressed are my own, some products were received in exchange for honest reviews**

The Holy Grail for Our Tired, High Heeled Feet

Ladies, I kid you not when I say I have found the holy grail for anyone who has ever had foot pain due to walking in heels or walking ever. Allow me to introduce to you your new best friend, Topricin. A therapy cream designed by the gods themselves to help relieve our tired and achy feet from our heel pain. Skeptical at first, I put the cream to the ultimate test during my two-week adventures in Europe.


The first day I slathered on the cream on my feet and ankles as the instructions said and prayed for the best. I walked around Paris for about 15 hours and at the end there was only a slight throb. As instructed, I put the cream before bed and again the next 3 days before walking around. I kid you not when I say I & my cousin who tried it had no foot pain. We felt like we could take on the world. We decided to forego the cream for the next two days just to see if this was all in our head and sure enough, our feet ached and we seriously considered chopping them off from all the walking we were doing. After that, we were firm believers and made to sure apply the cream every damn day.

Application is easy and there is no odor or greasey feel to the cream! Topricin is free of parabens, petroleum & other harsh chemicals. The cream is formulated with a combination of natural biomedicines in a luxurious base of coconut oil and purified water.  Follow Directions below and you’re all set. I promise you your feet will thank you. Mine sure did!


-Apply before and after heels 

-Also apply nightly to relieve feet of everyday pain and improve overall feel 

That’s it, simple right? One step to pain free and beautiful feet!

Topricin is available at CVS, Walgreens or Topricinfoot.


*I received this product c/o Topical Biomedics. ALL opinions expressed here truthful & are my own*